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Illya turned much more serious this time. He really seemed to think only he alone had the power to stop the mage. He seemed too confident in his abilities and simply seemed to think none of them stood a chance against the mage.

"You underestimate us greatly. And if you think the Federation is simply going to overlook this situation then you're wrong. This was the purpose that Division Nine was put together. We've faced much more dangerous opponents than this, you'd think we would be S rank mages if we just sat on our asses all day? No, and of course, if you are to unleash the limiter in your device you need authorization from the Council. And you can only get that through Commander Carrington. This Multiverse has been in peril countless of times and we've always been there to stop it. I won't be looked down upon by a cadet, you may think of this as arrogance but it actually is not. It's a wake up call to you, if you think you can handle this alone and just go and rush in, it only proves how truly unprepared you really are", Illya said and continued to walk away to the cafeteria. "And don't forget, this is the military too, just because we're a family it doesn't mean we tolerate insubordination. Remember that before you go off doing something you'll regret later. And about Akira, I just gave a suggestion. You should give people a chance, everyone has problems of their own. Akira has a problem that's not his fault, his case is a form of a curse in a way just like you, and if Shana was able to forgive him without knowing about his curse, then why can't you?"

Illya did not wait for an answer, she simply went away inside the cafeteria. She wasn't one to scold others, but she felt that Kai's arrogance had to be adressed with a much firmer tone. She generally leaves that kind of speech to Juno but she felt she had to say it now.


Shana nodded at Akira and then looked at Sergeant Yamamoto.

"Nice to meet you Sergeant", Shana said as she saluted him and then turned to Akira. "We will find a way to cure you of whatever is causing this. Don't worry, no one is gonna get killed."

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