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"Now...tell me more about this mission. Is it far away from the village?"

Tategami crossed his arms. "We are going to Amegakure, the Village Hidden in the Rain."

Tategami explaned the events that took hold two days ago; the mission to Land of the Waterfalls, the Arashi's intentions with the Tenth Tailed Beast, and their goals.

"Were looking for a man named Mikita Ryuu. He's an espaced prisoner from their hidden base. If we can locate him in Amegakure, we may have a lead to locating the wherabouts of the Arashi."

Tategami was suddenly disturbed when a girl approached him, requesting to be trained under him. He beamed and ruffled her hair.

"I am in no position to do that unfortunatly: I do not have the time to train you. Besides, you are a foreigner from another village - that doesnt give me proper authorisation to train you. The only way you can get permission is to speak with the Hokage."
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