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"It's a wake up call to you, if you think you can handle this alone and just go and rush in, it only proves how truly unprepared you really are"

"If you truley think that I have not been planning for this day the moment I got here then you don't know me quite as well as you think do. The mage may be powerful, but do you honestly think he can withstand a transport hitting him at speeds over a thousand miles per hour?"

"I do this not out of arrogence...but out of desire not see anyone else harmed. This man has taken enough from me...I don't want him to take anyone else." He called as she walked away.

Kai watched as she walked back toward the cafeteria and his thoughts returned to those of training.

Alright...lets try this again.

"Cannon mode."

The sword shifted again and became a black cannon that had grey lines criss crossing across it's surface.

"Infinity Shot." The cannon chimed. "Infinity Shot...standby...ready."


Kai watched as the cannon finally fired off the correct type of blast.

Good. It is by no means mastered...but I can begin work on my next attack. That murderer won't know what hit him.

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