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Juno had been standing by the archway waiting for Illya to return.

"It's clear how inexperienced you are scolding people", Juno said playfully.

"Well I thought I had to say something. Even though he says he's prepared for a long time, he's still young", Illya said.

"Don't worry, we know where he's going, we might as well just keep our distance a bit. See what he does, the important thing for the Federation is getting the artifacts that the mage has gotten his hands on. We'll just head in to make the retrieval. I'm sure he'll be alright", Juno said.

"I hope so too. Alright then. We need to carefully plan this. While Kai fights off the mage we'll get the artifacts, at least that way if he plans to do what I think he's gonna do, we can justify his action with the board by giving something to show for it. If we don't then they might get the excuse they've been looking for to shut us down, especially the Ground Forces HQ", Illya said. Juno simply nodded and then Illya went over to where Shana was sitting. Juno simply looked out at Kai training.

He can do it, she thought to herself.

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