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"By the way, I'm Kokoro, what's your name?"

"The name is Dai Segira. What's your business in the Hidden Leaf Village today Kokoro? Not going to cause trouble I hope."

Dai's head suddenly shot up as one of the trees above him rustled as something ran through it at incredible speed.

"Oh no...I forgot about him..." He looked at Kokoro. "You might want to keep your head down. Trust me."

Dai cautiously looked up to see a green blur shoot through the trees again. "Lee-sensai! I'm escorting her to the Hokage's office! I don't have time to train right now!"

The rustling stopped as the green blur shot off toward the village. Dai turned to Kokoro and shuddered. "Lee is a great sensai to train with...but his problem is that he doesn't know when it's time to stop training."

He pointed at a large tower that was appearing in the distance. "That's the hokage's office. You can talk to him soon enough."
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