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This is much easier then I thought it would be. Without that damn imprint constantly blocking my attempts. It looks like I'll be ready by the time the three weeks are up.

The end of Kai's cannon was rapidly circling in on itself as it built up power for his newest attack. I can master them later...Right now I have to develop them.

"Memory of the Fallen." The cannon chimed a very deep chime. "Memory of the Fallen...standby...ready."

Kai took a deep breath as the very end of the cannon pulsed with a very bright silver light. "Fire."

A very bright blast of light shot from the cannon and shot directly up into the sky at incredible speed. Kai was knocked onto his back by the force of the blast. Amazing...I've never been knocked down by one of my own blasts before. I'll classify this under 'Do not use unless necessary'.

He dropped down to one knee as he felt the last of his magic disappear and he dropped out of his Berserker form. That one blast wiped out the last of my magic. I had slightly less then half of my reserve magic left. I can only wonder how much stronger that blast would have been had I not used up the magic I used in my infinity shot.

Kai thought to himself for a moment before heading off to the cafeteria for a quick meal and then a shower...then sleep. Nothing restored the body like sleep.

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