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ive seen this similarity in not just Star Wars and Halo, but also StarCraft, Quake, Doom, Alien vs. Predator, Dead Space and WarHammer 40K. my obsession with these has gotten rather extreme; i combined Quake and Doom, took the Necromorphs from Dead Space and put them in Star Wars and made a 38 slide powerpoint with 18 factions: Grand Army of the Republic, United Nations Space Command, United Systems Colonial Marines, Terran Marine Corps, United Aerospace Armed Forces, Space Marine Chapters, Necromorphs, Flood, Xenomorphs, Zerg, Demons, Tyranids, Kaleesh, Covenant, Yautja, Protoss, Strogg and Tau. :S basically the obsession got to a point where i had two game ideas, one just an RTS, the other a Team-Based F/TPS with the same story; meddling with each universe's respective enigmatic race (Rakata, Forerunner, Mala'Kak, Xel'Naga, Praeleanthor, Sloadd) sends the 18 factions to a warped dimension where they are now fighting for their own survival and for the amusement of the enigmatics. its essentially Quake 3 with factions.
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