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Isara walked into the cafeteria and spotted Wolf sitting on a table eating his lunch. She went towards him and sat opposite to him.

"Juno and Illya want to introduce you to the team so you know who they are", Isara said. "The sooner you get to know each other the better. We're gonna be flying out pretty soon, there's a situation that we need to handle so I'm gonna be counting on you to keep an eye out for anything."


Illya walked over to where Shana was and saw Akira and Yamamoto sitting opposite Shana. She sat down beside her and looked at all of them.

"The other team member has finally arrived. He's here now and will be joining us on the next mission. We will introduce you to him later on in the day. He's a mercenary who used to be a part of the Federation, but due to his multiple talents he was hired for this Division", Illya said.

"What's he like?", Shana asked.

"He pretty much keeps to himself, but he's an excellent mage. You'll know when you meet him", Illya said. "Come by the Commander's office for a briefing before we leave for the Altaria."

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