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Kai quickly walked into the cafeteria and looked for something to eat. He wasn't picky, It just had to be dead and edible.

He decided on a pack of energy bars and grabbed them and then headed up to his dormitory. Lets see...The mage will most likely attempt to shoot the transport out of orbit when I show up in orbit...which means I have to beat him to it.

Kai's head began to sting but he ignored it as he continued to think of a strategy that might work even as the pain in his head kept getting worse. Finally he sat up and rubbed his head.

What the...Why does my head hurt all of a sudden?

Because I'm here.

You...Why do you insist on tormenting me? Can you not wait until the three weeks are done?

There has been a change of plans regarding plans. I know what your Federation friends are planning Kai. They won't succede against me and you know it. You will meet me on the colony in one weeks time or I'll destroy the Federation Academy from space. You know I have the power to do so and you know I will.

One week Kai-san. One week and you'll be able to see me again...and see what you made me when you left me to die.

Kai looked up sharply at the last words. They didn't belong to the mage. They most likely belonged to Hizuni.

It looks like someone will have to know now. Someone I can trust not to assign blame...someone who will understand.

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