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Kai looked out his dormitory windows and stared at the night sky. Somewhere out there the mage was traveling to his home...with his imouto-chan.They had been family on that colony and even though they were seperated Kai would never stop thinking of her as such.

If I left now I could push the engines on the transport to maxium power and possibly make it...but then the captains would come after me and leave the academy undefended.

Kai grabbed a piece of paper and began to write a note...explaining what needed to be done...the original three week deadline being shortned to one...and the mage's threat of destroying the academy from space if he didn't show in one week. I hope you understand...That I'm doing this to protect you. I have no doubts that I will possibly be overpowered...and possibly killed, but the academy shall remain. Kai wrote as he finished the letter.

He quietly snuck out of his dormitory and began to walk toward Captain Aiko's room. She is the most rational of them all...not clouded by emotion or anger.

He broke the lock on her door and quietly placed the note on her table, hoping that she would see it when she was ready...and he was hopefully far away.

Kai then turned and began to walk toward the hanger bay. He stopped as one of the many transports landed in the hanger and pilot quickly walked off. Hopefully he left the engines running...that would make this so much simplier.

Kai made sure he had a week's worth of supplies before sneaking onboard the transport and firing up the engines.

I'm coming imouto-chan...I'll be there soon.

He turned the transport toward the open bay doors and shot off toward the distant night sky.
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