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Unless a good game gets created on the console and then the PC port is butchered, it's always going to end up that the PC version will be equal, if not better potentially, because you have the choice of controls (since after all, you can use all sorts of controllers on a PC, not just mouse+keys, and via programmable buttons and emulation, you can use just about anything even if the game doesn't support it officially), there's the possibility of mods (note I say possibility, since not all games permit it)... and at least until recently, the possibility of official updates and online play were possibly ONLY on the PC (still, the few games that do have the latter are generally poorly supported on the console that I've seen, by comparison).

A few consoles do give the ability to use mouse+keys for FPS games, however as consoles use fixed hardware, the possibility exists, that over time the PC user will be able to get upgraded hardware, better performance and then surpass the reflexes (and thus skill) possible in the FPS title if it were on the console (witness such a disparity eventually surfacing in Quake3 on the Dreamcast vs. the PC).

One good thing about console FPS games is the near universal way they've accepted voice chat in recent years, though I'm sure people will point to the downsides of that too.

But yeah, unless the creators sabotage their own game, the PC version will meet or exceed the bar set by any console FPS.

Given the price ranges of the latest crop of consoles, this makes the whole debate about hardware that much more silly IMHO... sure the latest PC games have steep requirements, but once you shell out all the expense for consoles to get up to speed, you might as well have bought a decent PC. Right? (and nevermind scalable graphics)

I love consoles too, but let's face it... for FPS games, PCs win, period.

PS: The WII is pretty popular with people I know (doesn't mean it's the best of course or with people you know). Most adults I know who still play console games own a WII (not a 360 or PS3, at best they'll have a PS2 if they even still play it). It appears essentially to be a souped up Gamecube with gimmicky controller options (nothing wrong with that), that combined with the lower price appeals to casual gamers (which outnumber hardcore gamers, who at least until recently, were more likely to go PC-only anyway).

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