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"It's where you go to get lost in the crowd." --Atton, re: Nar Shaddaa

The Exile did not much like the Smuggler's Moon. It was where she had been chased by numerous rabid bounty hunters (one of whom was back at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine), cured someone of the plague that didn't really have it, almost got gassed to death in a bar she had no business entering, and had to wash the stink out of her clothes for fourteen solid days with the help of T3! Nevertheless, she had been told by her former colleague, Atton Rand--who had boldly sacrificed himself to Darth Sion in the penultimate battle with the Sith Triumvirate--that Nar Shaddaa was where people and aliens went to hide out. Funny. If he would have just stayed there, then...

The first task to complete was to land the Hawk, on a landing pad, no doubt, but which one? Whose? In the Refugee Sector, or at least at the docks leading up to them, there was no telling a good landing pad from a bad one. Of course, the ones that were owned were usually a safe bet, but did Tysyacha have enough credits to pay (or bribe) the owner? There was only one way to find out...T3 maneuvered the freighter onto a sturdy platform.

"Great landing!" Tysyacha laughed. "I didn't even get whiplash once!"

The utility droid made some playfully-angry wham-wham-wham sounds and put himself into guard mode aboard the Ebon Hawk while his owner ventured out. The landing pad, and the surrounding area, seemed deserted. Nevertheless, the Exile was sure the platform would not crumble under the weight of the ship. T3 was a good judge of all things structural and mechanical, with landing pads being no exception. It was still a good idea to leave the safety mechanisms on, though. If the landing pad suddenly collapsed, the Hawk would hover.

"All right," said the Exile, stretching. "First order of and fuel."

She went towards the nearest cantina that looked like it catered to humans and their ilk, seeing if there were any recharging stations for T3-M4 nearby.

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