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((Switched Jolee to Telos. I thought it would be too...simple to have both Jolee and Juhani on the same planet.))

Jolee Bindo was bored. Bored out of his mind in fact and he didn't mind telling anyone who asked him what his problem was. Hell, he didn't mind telling people that didn't ask him.

"Young people these days...don't even have time to listen to an old man's stories about the days gone by." Jolee grumbled as he watched the Human woman move as quickly as she could away from him.

Well...what have we here?

A man...well, a mandalorian by the looks of his armor was walking...well, staggering was a better choice of words out of the cantina with a volly of jeers and shouts aimed at him.

Hmph. Looks like he had a bit too much to drink.

Nar Shaddaa

Juhani watched through slitted eyes as the beat up old freighter landed on one of the landing platforms. The Ebon Hawk...I never dreamed that I would see the Hawk again.

She put her hand down next to her lightsaber as the first figure exited the ship. She felt a sharp pang of sadness. It wasn't was a stranger...followed by an...Astro droid?

Come to think of did she gain possesion of the Ebon Hawk?

Juhani wrapped herself in the force...making herself all but invisible as she began to follow the movements of the two.
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