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Gorrak Veel, new underboss of the Exchange's Compeer was a very happy Chiss. Business was good today. 130 slaves sold to a mysterious buyer. He earned a lot since the stranger paid double for the slaves. After giving due tribute to the Hutts, (about 60% of his profits) he pondered on what he will spend his money on. New thugs might help. A new slave girl, perhaps? Gorrak relished that thought.

He walked out of his grandiose office. Outside was one of his lieutenants.
"What is it, Larox?", questioned Gorrak.
"There was a killing of two of our thugs, sir."
Has this fool gone mad? Why does he tell me this? This news is beyond me.
"Larox, I do not like to know unnecessary details. Tell it to your captain. He'll handle it."
"But sir-"
"ARE YOU QUESTIONING MY AUTHORITY?", exclaimed Gorrak. Larox was shocked.
"No, sir."
"Then tell it to your captain. I do not want my day to be ruined.", said Gorrak, pointing a finger at the lieutenant.
"Yes, sir."

The lieutenant ran away. Gorrak went to the Jekk Jekk Tar accompanied by two bodyguards.

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