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Niera pondered her situation as she saw a woman step out of the Dynamic-class light freighter that had just landed. There didn't seem to be much security around that landing pad, so she could probably sneak on pretty easily, and if she was lucky and there was noone else on board, she could hotwire the controls and make a clean getaway. If not, she could try to hide in one of the cargo holds and wait for the ship to take off. Either way, it beat waiting around to get caught by some bounty hunter.

Spotting an opportune moment, Niera jumped off the ledge she was sitting on and landed on the walkway. Checking again to make sure noone was looking, she made her way to the ship's loading ramp, which was predictably locked. However, she spotted a few loose wires, touched them together, and the loading ramp lowered, allowing her to quietly sneak aboard.

Once on board, Niera looked around at the ship she had just broken into. Old, but a still a nice ship. In a tolerable state of repair, but enough to get her out of Hutt space. She would have gotten right to slicing the controls, if not for a stern looking utility droid looking her dead in the face. "Um, hello?" She said to it, slightly embarrassed at how quickly she was caught.

(FYI: The Ebon Hawk is a the Dynamic-class freighter, in case you don't know, which means Niera is trying to steal it)

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