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Republic Commando 2- my fanfic

Fueling Station, Kachirho, Kashyyyk
785 Standard Days (2 Years 49 Days) After the Battle of Geonosis

The thunderous boom of the turret deafened Scorch. He had been shooting at the Separatist cruiser for what seemed like hours, but was only mere minutes. The ship’s shields were buckling underneath the suppressive fire that he and his squad had been throwing at it. The ripples of the energy shield began to vanish as the shields were drained and reassuring chunks of metal began falling off and crashing in the circular fueling depot beneath.

“Delta, bombing run commenced, keep firing!” The advisor’s voice crackled in over the comm system. His voice was slightly muted by the continuous thud of the turret.

Within seconds a squadron of V-19 fighters flew in overhead and fired a volley of proton torpedoes. The cruiser’s bow and stern began to separate and dip downward as it began to snap at the middle.

As another bombing run was made, more and more internal detonations could be felt through the air. Chunks of the hull and battle droids that slipped out of breaches in the hull continued to crash in the depot, some landing frightening close to Scorch.

As the explosions became more prominent and more frequent, Boss yelled something over the comm. Scorch didn’t understand any bit of it.

The final bombing run was made and the volleys of rockets were shot from the turrets, resulting in a blinding flash that even the polar screen of Scorch’s visor couldn’t block. The flash subsided and the last bits of metal and fire crashed on the jungle floor beneath and the base of the fueling depot.

“Excellent job, Delta. Regroup at 38’s position.” The Advisor said. Scorch, Fixer and Sev made their way over to Boss’s position, awed by the massacre that he left on his way to his turret.

“BOSS I’VE GOT A PROBLEM HERE!” Sev screamed over the comm. The sound of droidekas deploying themselves and firing echoed in the background.

“Seven? Seven? What’s wrong?” Boss asked.

“Signal lost, sir.” Fixer informed the rest of the squad.

“Well find it again, damn it!”

“Lead, get out of there. There’s no time to search for him. You’ve got orders to retreat.” The Advisor jumped in.

“I don’t care if they came from Master Yoda himself.”

“As a matter of fact, they did.”

“We can’t just leave him behind!” Scorch shouted “Forty?”

“He’s right, sir. We have to fall back.” Fixer said.

Boss didn’t say anything, he just jumped into the cargo bay of the LAAT/i and knelt down. Fixer and Scorch followed. Scorch looked out the starboard door and tried to find Sev; there was no sign of Sev or droids.

The larty began to rise toward the treetops. Halfway up, Fixer threw down the holo-projector.

“Pull yourselves together squad. One commando is not worth risking an entire operation.” Advisor’s hologram said.

“One commando? He’s talking about my pod brother!” Scorch yelled.

“Hold on, what do you mean ‘an entire operation’?” Boss asked.

Scorch looked away from the hologram a muttered a string of profanity.

“Your team was the advance force for a full-scale Republic invasion. I had strict orders not to tell you. It was your reconnaissance, your intel that verified the operation. And now the invasion has begun.” The hologram faded away as the larty breached the canopy.

Republic Navy operators and pilots threw around coordinates and orders. Above the larty, dozens Republic assault ships and countless squadrons V-19 fighters flew overhead, diving toward the surface of Kashyyyk.

“Look, Boss. It’s the invasion force.” An awestruck Scorch said. It was as if he had forgotten all his sorrow and anger, although Boss knew that it was only temporary.

“Taking the city was only the beginning.” Fixer said.

“I’ve never seen so many ships before.”

“Yes, sir. Yes, I’ll patch you through right away,” The Advisor flashed up on the holo-projector. “Listen up Deltas.”

“All Republic forces establish forward command in Kachirho.” The hologram flashed and changed to none other than Jedi Master Yoda.

“Is that really who I think it is?” Scorch said.

“Rendezvous with Delta Squad we must. Upon them we rest much hope. Wookiee freedom must not be sacrificed.” Yoda’s little image flashed away and reformed into the Advisor.

“Sorry Deltas, looks like it’s back to the action. You have your orders.”

“Delta Squad, lock and load.” Boss said as the larty doors shut and locked.

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