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"I believe in you, even though I be outnumbered..." Sinead O'Connor

T3 tweedled uncertainly at the strange blue Twi'lek female, sized her up with his glowing mechanical eye, and then began broadcasting a piercingly loud signal: Brank! Brank! Brank! It was his customary anti-theft alarm, a feature expertly added by one Iridonian mechanic, Bao-Dur, who had served in the Mandalorian Wars along with Revan and the Exile. He was dead now.

It seemed as if a lot of people died once they crossed Tysyacha, and this thief would be no different if he turned violent aboard the ship he was trying to steal. Imagine her surprise when, responding to the matching alarm in her comlink, the Exile found not a burly thug, but a lithe and lovely Twi'lek!

Tysyacha ignited her dvyxplanochniy. "Identify yourself and surrender," she ordered, "or identify yourself and fight! This is my ship, the Ebon Hawk, entrusted to me by one of my former--superiors. I won't have you take her, or have you scrap her for spare parts." She fell into a stance only the most skilled of Jedi Masters knew: a Force stance, meant to protect her through the fabric of the universe instead of through her two blades alone.

T3-M4 abruptly sounded the alarm again, alert to even more new presences aboard the freighter. Shadows suddenly surrounded the Exile and the droid. The shadows either appeared not to notice the Twi'lek, or they were biding their time in regards to her. In an instant, a split second, the Exile knew what she had to request:

"If you help me fight these other thugs, I'll consider you an ally. A desperate one, perhaps, but an ally nonetheless. I can't tell how many there are. Deal?" A pause.

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