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Juhani watched as a large group of thugs attempted to board the Hawk through sheer numbers...While four of them waited outside in the shadows, possibly hoping to capture the people who had run back on board at the sight of the thugs if they came out again.

The Ebon Hawk...belongs to Revan. I won't allow it to be captured by a group of mere thugs.

Juhani quietly snuck behind the first thug and clamped her hand over his mouth before dragging him back into the shadows and then sneaking up on the other three and doing the same.

She looked up at the ship and then cloaked herself in the force yet again and snuck aboard...hoping to find...something. Anything that would tell her that the war was over.


"What do you want, Old man?"

"Don't talk to your elders like that damnit." Jolee snapped at the Mandalorian. "I just want to see how this turns out."
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