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"When we're hungry, love will keep us alive..." --The Eagles

Bastila Shan was not one to wax nostalgic these days, except when she was in the darkest throes of a pain she dared not name, even to herself. She was a Jedi, the Grand Master of the Order! "A Jedi shall not know anger, nor hatred, nor love..." She softly repeated these words to herself, knowing that she no longer believed them. Once she had, but then she had met Revan, and then--!

Revan had been a mere pawn to her once. Or, rather, a subject of research and the object of redemption by the Order itself. Under the guidance of Masters Zhar, Vandar and Vrook, Bastila had been given command of him as he wore the guise of a Republic foot soldier and then a Jedi Padawan. Of course, he had not known of his true identity as the Dark Lord of the Sith when he first tried to rescue her aboard the Endar Spire and on Taris, but in a sudden revelation via his former apprentice, Darth Malak, he quickly came to realize who he was. He had been given a different name, but underneath, he would always remain Revan.

She remembered their first and last kiss: a threat, a dare, a challenge he'd accepted. It went against every tenet of the Jedi Code--and of her moral one--but at the moment, Bastila had not cared. She had only wanted to see if he would kiss her, if the passion he felt in his heart at the moment matched hers. Since it had, the rest was history, and she had eventually fallen to the Dark Side. Bastila no longer tried to fool herself that she had only done it to be released from Malak's torture. If she fell and gave in, she could have Revan by her side as he reclaimed his title of Dark Lord. As a Jedi, she could only have him as a colleague and apprentice. That would not do.

Bastila shut her eyes tightly. How could she have been so selfish, to almost sacrifice the entire galaxy for the love--or the brazen lust--of a single man?

Yet Revan was more than a foot soldier, more than a man, even more than a Sith. He was the most powerful Force user of his time. Gazing straight into his eyes and sensing his power was like staring straight into the heart of the Force. Who would not give that up, and risk anything, to love that kind of being?

It was why she wanted Tysyacha Dvyx alive. Bastila was hungry, and for more than credits. If the payments stopped coming in via holowire, the Exile would be captured. Before she was sentenced, however, Bastila would offer a deal:

You know where he is. Deliver him to me, and I'll deliver you from hard labor on some cold and remote planet. If not--may you get twenty years!

Vengeance was not the way of the Jedi. Yet this was not vengeance.

It was only love, and love would do anything to keep itself alive.

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