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"Shh-shh-shh! Even walls have ears..." --Flora, Sleeping Beauty

The Jedi had spies everywhere. Even on Telos' Citadel Station, which was almost as far away from Coruscant as you could get on the Hydian Way without leaving known space, the Order kept watch over everything and everyone. It was its duty, for if it did not watch, how could the Jedi ever know what dire threats were being posed to innocent worlds and people?

Right now, duty was personified in the form of Grand Master Bastila Shan, and one of her loyal acolytes, one of the best repositories of her teaching, was listening nonchalantly yet intently to the conversation between the Mandalorian and the cantankerous, elderly man. Chandria Sakhar, a Jedi mole within the TSF, stepped forward. She knew all about the Mandalorians and the troubles they faced (and were now causing). If it was war they wanted, it was war they'd get, but a different kind than they had ever fought before. Good or evil, Mandalorians always fought. Sides didn't matter. This distressed and disappointed Chandria somewhat, but she had to at least pose the offer.

"Is there a problem here, gentlemen?" she asked of the old man and the helmeted drunk. She turned to the former. "Sir, if this man is bothering you, I'll have him sleep it off in a Force cage if you want." She smiled gently.
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