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"Before you accuse me..." --Eric Clapton, from his cover of the song

"Spying?" This time Chandria wasn't putting on an act. She was genuinely offended. Yes, she was a spy, and yes, she was engaged in the act of espionage at the moment, but it was for the greater good! Did this wizened old wizard truly know the organization for whom she really worked, or was he just bluffing? She decided to assume the latter, and so she went on as before:

"Sir. I wasn't meaning to give you offense, only an opportunity..."

She trailed off slowly, not wanting to give away too much just yet. Chandria knew these weren't two riba fish on a hook, but they were men, and men in need of work and a little excitement. "If you really don't need my help--you or the Mandalorian--then I'll be going. Although, I think my offer might appeal to you both. It involves fighting, or I suspect it will once you catch her."

She suddenly glared at the armor-plated man in disgust, hoisting him to his feet.

"Job," she said loudly. "Work? Fight? War? Maybe war, with this one's track record."
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