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"Deal." Niera replied, drawing two blaster pistols from her sides and moving to the corridor near the loading ramp. Careful to avoid being within the thugs' line of sight, she waited until two of them stepped into her line of sight, and fired two shots directly at their head, taking both down at once. Recognising that she gave herself away by taking those shots, she ran into the garage, and waited next to the threshold. As the remaining two entered, she grabbed the one nearest her and used him as a "human" shield, and caused the other thug to gun him down instead of her. Then, she threw the dead body at him, and then gave him a swift kick to the head. "No need to thank me, they've probably got just as much reason to go after me as for you. I'm Niera, by the way. Niera Secura. And your name, beautiful?" She asked the human woman whose ship she had planned to steal.

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