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"If you really don't need my help--you or the Mandalorian--then I'll be going. Although, I think my offer might appeal to you both. It involves fighting, or I suspect it will once you catch her."

The old Jedi snorted. "Oh please, I don't need help from one of Bastila's pawns. And before you ask, you might want to try and disguise your force signiture, only someone who has recieved advanced training gives off that kind of aura."

"Work? Fight? War? Maybe war, with this one's track record."

He sighed and grabbed her wrist and twisted it. "Now, now. There's no need for that kind of behavior. This gentleman simply had a rough time in the cantina and is going through a difficult time in general from what I can tell. I think you should leave him alone."

Jolee gave her a good look over. "I think that you should know that there's something wrong with Bastila...and the way she's training the jedi she's finding. They've become...more...extreme. They aren't like the Jedi I used to know."

"Va'Koya!Wait! Wait! Wait! You said fighting. Do you mean a job?"

He turned to the Mandalorian. "I really don't think you'd want the kind of job that she'd send you on..."

Nar Shaddaa

Juahni watched from behind her cloak as the thugs surrounded the woman and the droid.

It appears I have no choice.

The cathar sent a jolt of force energy from behind her force cloak up at one of the light panels, dipping the corridor into the darkness and then she lightly pushed one of the thugs just as a blue Twi'lek took out the rest of them.

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