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"We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot, Miss Secura and Miss...?"

Juhani stared at the woman. "I am Juhani...and this ship you are flying belonged to an old friend of mine. Perhaps you can tell me how it came to be in your posession?"


"A job is a scared her away, Old Man. Now what am I going to do for money? Chutkla....I'll have to wait until the next job comes up...whenever that may be."

Jolee stared at her retreating back. "Make no eventually would have ended up dead if you'd taken that job. Bastila has changed, it's almost as if she's lost her compassion since I last saw her. But...if you really feel the need, go after her and ask her about the job."

He clapped the Mandalorian on the back.

"Well, good look on getting that job if you decide you want it."

Jolee turned and headed for the Cantina.

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