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((I can't seem to find the fic that this is based on. Was Revan dark sideded or light sided?))

"You were aboard the Hawk?" she asked. "When? This has been my ship ever since I found it abandoned--or, rather, waiting for me--at a deserted medical facility on the former planet of Peragus. The planet exploded when...well, that's a long story, but it wasn't my fault. Anyway, you didn't happen to be an associate of a crime lord named Davik Kang, did you?"

Juhani sighed. "No...I was part of Revan's journey to defeat Darth Malak...I had a lot of fun on this ship...We would often travel for months at a time...but Mission would always keep us entertained by pranking someone...Jolee would tell tales of his youth...and Zaalbar would tell us the myths and legends of his homeworld. It was the best time of my life."

She got up and headed for her old dormitory. Maybe some of the things I left hidden are still there. I hope those old pictures are.

"If you'll excuse me, I would like to rest now."
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