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((He was light-sided. Look for "Vremya" in the CEC and a lot of Russian titles.))

The Exile caught her breath. This Cathar had traveled with Revan as well? How was it that the Force always seemed to arrange things so perfectly, so exactly, so that this very meeting would take place? It was the kind of thing the Jedi Masters reveled in, and that Kreia had adamantly warned against.

Was this crossing of paths a boon, or a bane? What was more, what of Niera? It was for this reason that she smiled at Juhani and gave her leave to visit either the starboard or port dormitory to rest. Tysyacha wanted to get to know the Twi'lek a little better, and a little more immediately. After all, Juhani may have snuck aboard the Ebon Hawk, but Niera was the one who'd tried to steal it. Funny--she didn't look like much of the thieving type, though her beauty did little to conceal the tremendous strength within her.

"Hello," said the Exile again. "Sorry for the rude way I greeted you, but I did not know if you were of the caliber of the thugs we just eliminated." She tried to laugh, or at least giggle, but the Exile's joke fell flat. "Sorry again." She had rarely found herself stammering this much, especially with a woman. Then again, this was no ordinary woman, or even an ordinary pretty one. Niera had an aura of being hunted, but not hunted prey. Gently, the Exile reached out through the Force and moved Niera's collar back a little to reveal a deep gash on the collarbone. Ugly, yes, but also strangely moving.

"I think I know how that got there," Tysyacha whispered. "Thugs, yes?"
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