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Juhani slowly settled into her old bunk and looked around the room. It looks almost exactly the way I last saw it...except for that gauntlet hanging off the side of the wall. Is it possible it's still here?

She reached under the bed and felt around for a certain something...something that she had considered her greatest treasure.

Is it possible someone found it...I should ho-wait. here is is...

She pulled out a small datapad that she had hidden in the bunk so many years ago...nearly a lifetime ago.

She switched it on to see a holo taken of the group in front of the swoop. Canderous leaning on an assult rifle...Mission sitting atop of Zaalbar's shoulers and Zaalbar leaning against the swoop...Jolee holding a bottle of Fire-whisky and Carth trying to steal the bottle and Revan and Bastila in an embrace while T3 and HK sat in the front. Juhani though...Juhani was leaning against Zaalbar's other shoulder and smiling.

It's been so long since I've smiled like that...felt true happiness like I did back in those days.

She was about to switch it off when she took a closer look at it.

Two other logged images.

Maybe some other time...I really would like to rest now.
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