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"It's not a question of what he's done persay", Isara replied and looked over to Akira's table. "He was involved in an incident that sort of split his persona in two. Corruption magic. He suddenly becomes violent, that's why we need you to keep an eye on him."


Shana noticed a transport leaving the hangar. It was a weird occurance, since all flights ceased after 10 pm. But there was no alarm, nothing to indicate anything was out of place but somehow Shana knew there was something wrong. She walked over to a maintenance officer who seemed to be working on a holographic console.

"Excuse me?", Shana said as she approached him, he turned around and greeted her with a salute which she returned. "Is it normal for a transport to be leaving past the curfew hours? I just saw one take off right now".

The maintenance officer looked puzzled, he then asked her what the transport looked like.

"It was a personnel transport", Shana informed and the man simply told her he would look into it and left.

A few hours later Juno got up from bed and noticed an envelope on her appartment's entrance corridor. It was addressed to her from Kai. She opened the letter and looked read it.

"So he went on his own", Juno said and looked out the window. "Good luck Kai. I have to report this though, but I might as well do it in a couple of hours. That way he might have enough of a window to do what he needs to do and then we'll retrieve the artifacts. That way we'll have a way to appeal on his behalf."

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