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"Agreed," replied the Exile. "Welcome aboard, and I'm glad to have you with me--us," she amended quickly, remembering Juhani and T3-M4. Without further ado, she showed Niera to the cargo hold, garage and workbench, cockpit (which the latter had already discovered), hyperdrive, starboard and port dormitories (Juhani was sleeping in one of the bunks in the port one), and of course, the refreshers. There was the standard option available if you needed to relieve yourself, but there were two if you wanted a wash.

"Either the automatic shower can scrub you down with jets of cleansing fluid and three clean cloths, or you can always request it be turned off if the mechanical arms startle you too much. They move fast, so watch out."

Why had Tysyacha's face suddenly started becoming hot? True, she was speaking about an embarrassing subject, but the showers were big enough--

No. Not now, not here, not ever. Good thing only Jedi can read minds...

"Anyway," she continued, turning toward Niera, "those are the facilities. As for where we're headed next, how about Telos? I helped out the Republic about two years ago with some pesky Czerka mercs. Cleaned them out. I also dealt with the Exchange, sending it into disarray and leaving only one slimy Quarren alive. I hope the Republic's finally put him in a maximum-security prison somewhere." Again, Tysyacha felt herself blushing.

"What do you think? Juhani's asleep right now. Want to set the coordinates?"
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