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Unhappy OJP Enhanced 1.2 problem


First off, I'm new here, so I would like to say hi to everyone in the LucasForums.

Now, I've downloaded ojp enhanced 1.2 and installed it correctly. Everything works fine until one moment:

I was planning to do some kind of Jedi Purge (just imagination) on tatooine with Stormtroopers on the red team and all kinds of jedi in blue team.
I was hoping that this would be a fun game, but I was quite disappointed:
The jedi's were completely massacred. In the whole blue team, I was the only one fighting against stormtroopers, the others (bots) were running around brainless. They got easily killed by Stormies.

So the problem is-> Red team in TFFA in OJP E 1.2 attacks, while Blue team just runs around, (don't forget that they're bots).
I've checked everywhere for a solution but it seems I'm the only one having this problem. I've installed and reinstalled OJP 1.2 and even JKA but it still comes back.

I have Vista and a very good computer which runs GTA IV smoothly...

EDIT: This is everywhere, CTF, CTY, TFFA, as long as there are teams. Rebels (blue team) just don't fight ! ... :/

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