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"We all know that crap is king--give us dirty laundry!" --Don Henley

Usually, the Coruscanti media were completely objective, unbiased, and factual--if you didn't count on the fact that they themselves were owned by CMC Enterprises, a conglomerate that rivaled the Exchange in power but without all the organized crime and ruthless assassinations going on behind the scenes. At the present moment, they had a new financial backer--the leader of the Jedi Order. Of course, none of the Jedi in the Temple knew of Bastila Shan's being in bed with "the fourth estate", and if they did find out, what concern was it of theirs? If the Jedi didn't have at least a small stake in the workings of the press, how would their interests be promoted within it? Traditionally, the Jedi held a passive role in galactic affairs, preferring to mediate and act as diplomats--and executors of justice--if push came to shove. Bastila, however, thought the Jedi needed to "step up their game" and take a more proactive role in combating evil and punishing those who were.

It was why she'd paid for that thirty-second all-points bulletin on Tysyacha. Bastila wanted the Exile to be pursued, and to know that if the credits stopped flowing, so would Bastila's lenience. It was time to lay down the law and let this murderess know her double homicide would not be overlooked. Thus, she and her assistants interviewed hundreds upon hundreds of possible candidates for apprehending the Exile, with all of them being turned down so far. Psycho was as yet unheard-from, and the rest? They didn't care about justice. They only cared about the two-million-credit reward, or so Bastila sensed through the Force. Rewards helped, but they weren't ends in and of themselves. How could these idiots who applied fail to understand that?

She sighed, hoping that her holonews advertisement would soon pay off.
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