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Originally Posted by LordTrilobite View Post
I decided to make a complete map of the Labyrinth on Knossos, Crete in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (since I could not find any on the internet).

So I played through all the paths, took the needed screenshots and put this together. Even though it's not that hard to navigate your way through the labyrinth, I thought it might come useful anyway. When I was done making screenshots the count came up to 45 different locations and 53 doorways (including the secret ones). The goldenguy appears four times throughout the Labyrinth which can be seen on the map with screenshots.

Warning, it's a VERY big images.
It also includes many spoilers and hidden passages. The doors, including hidden ones, are drawn open.

Map with screenshots from the game.
Easy to use, paths are marked with colours.
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A vanilla map without screenshots.
This one may be harder to figure out, but it shows the complete layout of the Labyrinth, it also leaves some challenge left. The three different paths are not marked in anyway, but they are present on the map. Passages that connect the rooms, but are not visible ingame, are darker compared to the ingame rooms.
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Hey can I have you permision to use this on my website? It will be released with a dowload of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. I will bundle it all up in one dowload. If so that would be great. I am only going to release the dowload to memebers of the website and I am going to get a master password so all lucas forums members can access member only downloads on my site. Check it out: Thanks.  72528
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