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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
I don't think Obsidian have promoted the game very well. Seems like all they've done so far is show off how much of a ME clone it is. I really wish they'd feature some of the unique stuff I've heard whispers about.
I believe that's more of Sega's failing, rather than Obsidian's. They often keep awareness of their games down to a low roar, unfortunately, especially when they've been actively releasing gems over the past few months. I certainly hope that Alpha Protocol sells well, as any extra profit extends Obisidian's lifespan over going belly-up like any other Black Isle offshoot. Of course, New Vegas will probably sell like hotcakes, as if anything that FO3 has told us, it's that Fallout is more of a mainstream brand now, which you can interpret in many ways.
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