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Idea About Other Classes . . .

Okay, so we already know the classes we have so far: Jedi, Trooper, and smuggler for republic, and bounty hunter and dark Jedi for Sith. I'll put down what I think the classes should be, and you can comment or put up your own.


1) Jedi - Force User

2) Republic Commando/Trooper - That's the sort of backbone of the Republic side

3) Smuggler - Quick, deadly, fast sniper sort trooper.

4) Republic Infiltration Unit - A balanced soldier who's fast, quick, smart like the smuggler and can hold the line in battle like the Trooper; I was thinking a mix between the two. Just thought this would be a good idea.


1) Sith - Force User

2) Mandalorian - I thought that this would be a good counterpart to the Trooper as the heavy assault soldier, since the Mandalorians fight for the Sith.

3) Bounty Hunter - Evil smuggler

4) Raider - Mix between Mandalorian soldier and bounty hunter.

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