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To eat or not to eat? That was the question that plagued Terror at this very moment. On the one hand, this was very specifically a scouting mission. Could Terror wipe the floor with the Sith right now? Of course he could. He had taken down countless Jedi and Sith over the last forty years, both before and after he had met Ulim and Mech. However, when Mech specifically said a scouting mission, he meant a scouting mission. Every time he had done otherwise all hell had broken loose and his companions had to come bail him out. The food was right there! All Terror had to do was burst through the vent above the food and there would be nothing, neither force nor lightsaber nor cunning, that could stop him from consuming the food. Not only that, it was just so tempting and Terror had not been sated for a good few days thus far. The female did not help things either, and now Terror had to make a choice. To eat, be sated, and let all hell break loose? Or to not eat and wait for another day, not sated, but properly prepared enough to make the kill easily?

Despite the enormity of the question to Terror, he was a quick thinker and resolved it in less than a second after the female told him to feed. His answer was presented when he burst through the ventilation above Tyrannus with a blood thirsty screech, his claws and teeth going for his face while his tail tried to impale of the chest.


Both Mech and Ulim had grown bored of chess quickly and decided to go to the place near Phantasm where they would meet Terror, or go save Terror if all things fell apart. Well, actually Ulim had gotten bored and suggested it, since he didn’t want to spend the whole time getting beaten by Mech.

“So, when do you imagine the alarms will go off?” Mech asked Ulim as they waited and made sure their equipment was up to shine.

“Probably soon. If they don’t go off then I imagine there will still be enough chaos about the ship that we’ll notice.” Ulim replied adjusting the scope on his rifle. “Of course, there might not even be alarms or chaos at all. Maybe they’re try to make Terror a Sith Lord because he killed one of their leaders.”

They both looked at each other for a moment before busting out laughing.

“Yeah, Terror, Lord of the Sith. The only problem is that he eats all of his followers.” Mech added between laughs.

“‘The Jedi have boarded our vessel! What should we do?’ one of his followers asks. ‘Eat them!’ Terror says.” Ulim chuckled.
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