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Juno turned to them as they made their way over to where she and Illya and Shana were standing.

"Shana, Akira, this is Wolf", she said turning to Wolf and giving him a grin. "He's a mercenary hired to Division Nine as a support member of this team. He'll be looking out for you but he's not a babysitter so don't give him any grief".

Shana nodded and looked at Wolf bowing to him and smiling.

"Nice to meet you Wolf", Shana said and then turned to Illya who moved forward.

"We shall take this time to rest up. Make sure you're ready for deployment in nine hours. We have to assemble at the bridge, so make sure you come ready for action. This time you'll be heading in teams. Juno, Wolf and Akira are Lightning Squad, and Shana and Me are Star Squad. If you happen to meet with Kai tell him he's with Star Squad as well", Illya said and then placed a hand on Shana's shoulder motioning her to come with her which she did. Juno was left there with Wolf and Akira.

"Now that we're here alone, I'll take this opportunity to state something. You are both on my team and I did this for the sake of you Akira. In case you go wild again, Wolf has all the tools he needs to help us inmobilize you if you go on a frenzy again. But remember that if you think you can manage to control yourself then try to do so. Until we get a way to rid you of the corruptive magic Wolf will step in for measures", Juno said. She didn't want to scare him and of course Wolf wouldn't kill him but she was confident enough that Wolf would be able to deal with him in case he lost it again.

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