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Ah, what the heck... BG wanted to do one, jott already did one, and I already did one. So might as well release it - this one with source, and pretty much public domain (since it was done in 20 minutes - except for the FileReader/FileWriter which are work in progress for SR6 - note, they aren't meant to be efficient, they're just meant to work ).

It will only work with DirectX 9 format dds files (same format as jott's tool and Remonkeyed - and most others - save).

Simply add dds files by clicking Add files... Then click Convert. It will place the dxt files in the same folder as the dds files. Warning: It will also overwrite already existing dxt files without prompting.

For execution, you simply need the .exe (and the usual pesky .NET framework)

ETA: Should check again before I post. Didn't see jott's post, which would have saved me some trouble. Oh well, the more alternatives the better, I guess
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