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Above unregulated colony 72

Kai looked down through one of the viewscreens at the colony below him. Who would have thought I could have made it if I pushed the engines so hard?

The screen showed the same barren stretch of burnt land where countless deserted buildings stood, no one alive was left to claim them.

Except for the Mage and possibly Hizuni...he was the only living thing around. Hizuni...I'm coming for you imouto-chan... I promise. I won't fail you again.

He had slept for two days straight before finally reaching the colony, he had forgotten how good regular uninterupted sleep could be for the body. Now lets see here...If I'm going to crash the transport then I need to make sure that I have an escape route ready. Yes...this should do nicely.

Kai aimed the transport toward the life froms he had detected earlier and set the engines to overload. Hopefully it would look like he had died in a suicide attack on the mage.

The colony

Hizuni watched as the transport screamed through the sky, flying directly at the two of them with it's engines smoking from an overload presumebly.

"Master...shouldn't we move? I don't think I can stop him if he really does try and take us out in a suicide attack."

The mage merely extended his hand toward the sky and uttered two words. "Vortex Inferno." His flame shaped pendant chimed. "Vortex Inferno ready my lord."


A large spiral of flame shot out and engulfed the transport just as Kai jumped off and bounced down between two buildings and watched from his hiding spot as the transports was instantly engulfed in flames and then destroyed before it could even get close to him.

This...will be more difficult then I anticipated.
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