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"You mistake my intentions," Tyrannus drawled, "Missing one and the tryad fails."

He then saw the creature and made a grab for it. He grasped the creature in his hands, fighting against its strength. He backed away as the creature thing tried to reach his face. The tail mae for his chest and with a free hand he grabbed it and begun to swing the creature round and around. It was at if he were an axis turning as he spun to gain momentum. At the last moment he flung the creature away until it hit a wall. He looked at Andirrul with slight venom in his eyes.

The Blood King had come out and had been amused by the spectacle. He said, "Using creatures best left to the darkness little pretty? An unwise choice but probably useful considering the vagrant that lives in you."

Tyrannus said nothing but was keeping his eye on the stunned creature. The Blood King wasted no time and suspended it in the air but not in the manner of a Sith or Jedi, at least none that would be recognizable. The Blood King then said, "Little pretty, there are techniques from which there are no defense, something that the twins would have taught your lover by now. Tyrannus, a sarcastic bastard he is, is right. There are things to learn if you want your goal. Besides if you kill him, then plans will be useless. This creature you have is good for nothing exception being a loyal minion."


Acknowledged, Matton replied. As soon as he had said it, the ship appeared with the ramp lowered. Told ya I'd be watching.

Jun-la smiled slightly but turned to Komad, "What Reyvan says is not good enough. To treat this Jedi and perhaps unlock a key, we must make use of the medical facilities at the station. My ship can get us there." She knew Komad needed to think so she said, "The time will come when we find them. Right now we have a person in need of medical attention. Yes the main ship has facilities but at the station at least familiar surroundings will give more cooperation."

She hadn't read Alriana's mind but she had seen enough starbases and stations to know that they tended to adopt local system architecture. Huntau station was no different and since it was close to Jaltara, it may provide a sense of security for the patient. She was asking Komad to use his influence to make that case to Reyvan.


Tonatius wasn't sure what to say when Kalla touched his hand. True he understood her feelings since Andorra was his cousin, someone he loved and he knew what it was like to lose someone he loved. He couldn't ignore it either since that would hurt her feelings. Yet he couldn't deny the warm feeling he received from the touch. He returned the gesture with a smile.

The spell could have been broken with the arrival of Matton and the ship. He moved to pick up Alriana to carry her on board. Holding her, he said to Kalla, "There is a saying that the warmth of the heart comes from the warmth of the Morning Star."

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