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Hi guys.

Okay so I took it upon myself to learn how to mod EaW/FoC to add a CIS Remnant Faction all by myself.

And its no small task let me tell you.

I have found some "tutorials" that frankly are not very helpful. Actually perhaps that isnt fair, they helped get me started sorta as they tell you what to do but are pretty vague on the how with quite a bit of it.
I used the Add a Faction tutorial to create/edit xml files to add the CIS Remnant.

Took about an hour to figure out how to even locate the games XML files (extract them to the mod folder using a MEG extractor) because the tutorial didnt tell me how/where/why to do that and then a further 3 hours following the tutorial and poking through the files myself to create the CIS faction entry.
And I even managed to do a bit of editing to create a CIS Remnant Icon.

Really proud of myself so far.

My gripe is that most of the tutorials seem to assume that you already know what your doing in respect of EaW/FoC modding and really only need some vague pointers to do what you need to do.
Which kind of defeats the point of a tutorial - arent they supposed to be there to help folks who DONT know what they are doing?

Ah well.

So I am appealing for aid.

I know the what of things.

I need to tell the game "here is the CIS Remnant" - done by editing the relevant XML file and adding some strings to the DAT file.

I need to tell the game "this is the units/buildings the CIS Remnant can use" - I presume i would need the models and textures of the units and buildings id like to use in the art/models and art/textures folders and then need to specify them somewhere but im not sure where?

I need to tell the game "the CIS Remnant buys tech like the ZC" - I think I may have done this in the faction.xml file but I am not sure, as I said the tutorials are fairly vague at points and I dont know if theres anything else I need to do to give the CIS this ability or not.

I need to tell the game "the CIS Remnant scavenges tech/money like the ZC" - again I think this may have been done in the faction.xml but I am not entirely sure if theres anything else I need to tinker with.

I need to tell the game "the CIS Remnant controls theses worlds and has this starting forces/tech/money" - I presume this is done through the map editor but I cant seem to find the galactic campaign maps to edit them.

As you can see I dont really know the How of things.

So any help would be appreciated.

And if anyone knows anything I am missing that be great too.


PR probably could have a CIS Remnant faction by the way. I have discovered on Wookiepedia (granted not a gospel canon source but still fairly accurate) that a Geonosian called Gizor Dellso attempted to reconstitute the CIS out of Mustafar 8 years after the clone wars in 11 BBY.
There were also some other Seperatist Holdouts that survived after the Clone Wars.

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