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I know it could go either way, but like I said, I've chosen to repatriate them into the CSA and RA. And I think perhaps you're underestimating just how much work it is to add an entirely new player faction. Obviously it's not a small task, but it's not even a big task - it's probably the single greatest task you can undertake for EaW modding.

When I added the CSA initially, it probably took me a month to get it to the point of being serviceable, and that was with most of the units already being done courtesy of the Empire. A quick search reveals that I've since modified 107 XML or LUA files to accommodate the CSA... although that's certainly not a bare minimum from vanilla given that I've separated each individual unit into its own file.

Even if you had a year of experience modding EaW, in the process of adding a new faciton, you're bound to fail, create exceptions, unbalance gameplay (although that's debatable with the ZC being as it is), and generally cause the game to suck. But in the end, if you stick with it, it'll be worth it. So I'll try to get you started.

Personally, if you're only doing three factions, I would strongly suggest taking the Underworld faction and making into the "CIS Remnant". Don't rename it in the XMLs, because that will cause headaches, but just consider it the new CIS. It's easier - much easier - to start with something that works opposed to creating it from scratch (as I did). Download this, import the DAT file, find the strings starting with TEXT_FACTION and start renaming. Congrats, you have a new faction.

So now that you have a working "CIS", start scrapping the ZC units, heroes, and anything else that you don't want your new faction to have. For units, it's better not to get rid of them entirely at first, because other parts of the game may still reference them, so just go in and slap a <Build_Initially_Locked>Yes</Build_Initially_Locked> on the company, squadron, or unit (if it already has one, just change it to Yes). For heroes, delete the spawn events from every Story_Sandbox_x_Underworld.xml file. That'll do it for GC, although at some point you'll want to cut the starting forces from the campaign files as well.

To remove the ZC units from Skirmish, delete their names - along with the hero names - from <Tactical_Buildable_Objects_Multiplayer> on all five Skirmish Underworld Star Bases in StarBases_Underworld.xml and from the same tags in SpecialStructures_Underworld.xml. Obviously this will leave you without the ability to build anything in GC or Skirmish, so you'll need to get adding now.

Since there really aren't any CIS units in EaW or FoC, you'll need to borrow them from other modders or convert your own, assuming you have access to 3ds Max r8 and know how to use it (see here and here). Once you have a new unit or hero added, basically do the process in reverse to add it into GC and Skirmish. And if you run into trouble, you'll probably find more help on FileFront than here. Good luck... you're gonna need it .
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