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Originally Posted by chamelean90 View Post
Hi all, I am still really stuck at this bit. I think its bugged.

I have got the key, i select it, get on the lift, point at the control pad and hit the 'use' key (I have this mapped to Enter and E). Nothing happens, i cannot get the lift to go up. I have tried everything i can think of.

Help.. please

First level of the game, and I am stuck. The elevator is simply unresponsive to anything I am doing.

This is installed from the Best of PC edition... I have the reticule squarely on the lift controller, and I select the supply key as my useable item. When I hit "U" or <ENTER> (my keymap) nothing happens. I just stare stupidly at a elevator panel.

Bummed here. First time playing the game!

EDIT: Doh.

The thing lacking in the walkthroughs is what is probably mentioned in the manual.... "Using" items is not the same as using a door panel. The key for opening a door is by default CTRL.

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