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Andirrul was at a loss for words and actions. Mech and Ulim would expect their payment in Ultra-Chrome, of course, and Terror would expect his meal soon. How could she tell any of them the deal was off, all because Tyrannus finally made a lick of sense in her opinion? Slowly, she removed her outer robes to reveal a belt with four lightsaber sheathes. One of those sheathes, empty except for a piece of indestructible flimsi, she removed and tossed to the monster.

"My contract," she replied, "with my supplier of Ultra-Chrome. He's Mandalorian, and even though he prefers beskar, he knows this metal is also priceless. When you deal with him, pretend you're me or at least sent by me. He'll get you what you need." She then removed her belt. "Down payment," she said dryly. It was made out of Ultra-Chrome. "Leave me." Andirrul cloaked herself in the Force and sped away, running and running until she reached the confines of the Phantasm and locked herself securely in her meditation chambers. Feeling helplessly defeated, she wept, being weak after all. Go. Just go. I've made a mistake, and I'll pay for it, but go!
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