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Kai watched from his hiding spot in one of the abandoned buildings that littered the city as the mage deactivated his device and turned to his apprentice.

"He is here...I can feel him."

"Where is he Master? I want to show him how much stronger I've gotten since he left me behind."

"That in none of your concern. The only reason you were brought along is because I may need someone to distract him for a few moments. He has gotten much stronger then I anticipated he would. He's still not near my power level but he is not far beyond you. The two of you are nearly matched."

The mage nodded to his apprentice. "I will begin searching the outreaches of the colony. You are to search the city for him. If you find him, fight him, defeat him, but do not kill him. Understand?"

Hizuni nodded and walked slowly into the city.

Perfect... Kai thought.

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