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Yes, I can perfectly imagine how this came about.

A person at BioWare who calls himself a game designer was play-testing an early build of the game. He was pleased with the unstoppable might of his Dark Jedi. He razed cities and worlds alike without repercussion. In only one week, he had killed enough people that the Galactic Senate passed an emergency measure to investigate the mysterious and sudden failure of the economy. "So this is what it was like being Hannibal," he thought.

After coming to work at twelve o'clock the following day, he began to start the game up once more. Grandiose visions of conquests waged flashed through his mind: cities up in smoke, citizens fleeing in a panic away from the dark blight at the center of the destruction; capital warships sent falling from the sky with the awe-inspiring power of his mind; hopelessly surrounded by the enemy, only to unleash the very fury of nature against them, the thrumming air feeding back into his body in a climacteric circuit of energy. The visions were familiar to him: he had seen them every night as he slept. But he had a dilemma. As the game finished loading, the first thing he noticed was his character's appearance. He was disappointed. "This isn't what I look like in my dreams," he thought.

He was determined to do something about that. His character wasn't even distinguishable among a crowd of civilians! So he set up a meeting with the project manager. And the events that took place resulted in a decision that would eventually be remembered as a source of much argument and criticism.

"How has the testing gone so far?" asked the project manager.
"Splendid. I just have one complaint," said the game designer.
"What's that?"
"Well... don't you think the player should feel more... more awesome?"
"More awesome?"
"Well, he looks so normal. I mean, he's fought many wars and killed thousands. Shouldn't he look somehow remarkable?"
"Hmm." The project manager paused for thought. "What do you propose we do?"
"I think we should give him some identifying mark. Like battle scars that accumulate as he gains levels or something."
"Battle scars? Aren't Jedi supposed to be invincible? They wouldn't be a Jedi if they ever got hit."
"Good point. Maybe he can grow taller?"
"Impossible," said the project manager.
"OK. What about... what about a darkness, or something. The player becomes shrouded in it as he becomes more evil."
"That's a good idea, but it leaves out the good players. No one wants to run around as a brightly-glowing faerie."
"Bah!" The game designer whines petulantly to himself for a few moments. Suddenly his face perks up, and he throws his arms out wide in a ridiculous pose.
"I know! We can have his face turn dark. The good players can become more saturated. Like the way someone looks after a sunburn... more healthy!" exclaimed the game designer.
"That won't work for the black faces. Al Sharpton might complain that our game is racist," said the project manager.
"Al Sh--really? Um, OK. What about gray instead of black?" offered the game designer.
"Perfect." They both pause for a minute to consider the implications.
"Say, won't this contradict existing Star Wars material?" asked the project manager.
"Ha!" the game designer snorts in genuine mirth. "Why would any player care about that? Besides, they already have yellow eyes. What's the difference?"
"Very well. I'll inform the artists immediately." The project manager left the room, leaving the game designer smiling contentedly in the office. He could already envision the future triumphs of his Jedi's malevolent career. This time, his victims were filled with terror before he killed them.

I'll stop now and save everyone the pain of reading fan-fiction quality writing. On a more serious note, I would suggest that everyone here read the following article: Lawful Stupid/Stupid Evil. I'm always reminded of it whenever I play BioWare's games.
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