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In a remote part of the Universe...

A man stood infront of a monitor. He was dressed in a black armor. He had a patch over his left eye and had silver long hair.

"The Division Nine strike force is mobilizing my lord", the man in the black armor said.

Another man sitting on a chair looked over to him.

"It was to be expected. That power hungry idiot might prove himself useful to us. It might be time to move in and secure the data we need in the division's building. Tell our agent to move in now. We need samples for the Project P", the man on the chair said.

"But sire, why don't we just collect the subject and run the tests directly?", the black armored man asked.

"Because I stumbled upon the subject only a few years ago before I was outcast and my research destroyed. But when I performed the test, she was a viable candidate, at least her DNA proved as much", the man said.

"Alright then Lord Grier, it will be done", the armored man said.

"No mistakes Shevlan, none", Lord Grier said.

"Of course my lord", Shevlan said and left the room.


A few hours later on the Altaria a report was passed to Commander Carrington that the medical bay had been infiltrated, a few vials of blood were stolen by an unknown thief.

"It has to be someone on the inside", Juno said. "No one could penetrate the peripheral defenses that easy, at least an alarm would've sounded, we have magical detectors as well as other technological sensors unknown to the general public, designed specifically by Isara".

"It is very troubling indeed", Commander Carrington spoke. "Have they identifyed which vials of DNA samples were stolen?"

"They stole some of all the females in the unit", Asuza said.

"Who might be after something like that?", Illya asked.

Commander Carrington stood up and began to pace around the conference room.

"We have no choice but to let things unfold for now. Let's concentrate our efforts in this situation. We will support Kai, even if he went by himself, and I can't agree with his actions, but as a unit this is our job. Gather everyone in battle stations, get Star and Lightning squads ready for deployment. If you encounter Kai, let him brief you on the current situation and support him", Commander Carrington said and dismissed everyone.


Shana got into her uniform. She went over to the hangar bay to get ready for deployment. Illya slowly walked towards her. Shana was whispering a prayer with her hands together on her chest.

"What's up?", Illya asked her.

"Nothing, I was just saying a prayer", Shana said.

"For Kai?", Illya asked her with a smile.

"Yeah, he's down there by himself, at least this way I can support him while I'm not there on the field with him", Shana replied.

"I understand. Well we're Star Squad so we'll be in charge of looking for Kai while Juno, Akira and Wolf deal with the artifacts on the surface of the planet", Illya said.

"Are you sure we won't be interrupting Kai?", Shana asked with a frown.

"Juno is confident that by the time we reach the surface, Kai will have a big head start", Illya said.

Juno entered the hangar bay again and started to look for Wolf and Akira. When she saw them she called them over. The ship they were boarding was now in place. Commander Carrington appeared on the monitors.

"We will be in orbit inside the asteroid field of one of the moons, the magnetic field will hide our presence from them. Good luck to Star and Lightning Squads, we are counting on you", Commander Carrington said and then Isara and Kotomi walked over to their respective squads. Kotomi was with Lightning and Isara with Star.

Star Squad went inside the transport to await deployment.

(We will now wait for Chevron to move a bit more in his battle before deploying on the planet)

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