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Originally Posted by jott View Post
Here is a modified (i.e. hacked together) version of unxwb that produces "xwm" files that can be converted with the xWMAEncode.exe tool back to WAV (part of the DirectX SDK).

Source and binary (updated):

So for example run
unxwb.exe MusicOriginal.xwb
and then something like
for /r . %i IN (*.xwm) do @xWMAEncode.exe %i %~ni.wav
to convert all the files to wav. (Given both tools are in the PATH or in the current directory...)

If you have LAME installed you could finally do
for /r . %i IN (*.wav) do @lame.exe --preset extreme %i %~ni.mp3
to produce mp3 files.
works just fine for me this way... thanks ^^

now the only thing i need are the right names for the right file... would be nice if anybody could make a list or so... i'm just too dump to name them propably... until now i'm only pretty sure that 00000016 is actually the theme music... could someone check that please

and thanks again for mentaning how it may could be possible to get the new music playable
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