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((Your move is my command. ))

Hizuni slowly moved out as she searched the buildings for signs of life. "I know your here Kai! I can sense you! You might as well get it over with already!"

Kai quietly dropped out of the first story building he was in and watched Hizuni's retreating back.

"Hello Hizuni..." he said quietly.

She whirled around and stared at him with the coldest eyes he had ever seen on a person. "Kai."

She stepped toward him and her eyes blazed with hatred. " didn't deserve that name. You left me to die on the colony."

Kai stepped foward hesitantly. "I-I...I I didn't...I thought you were behind me. I thought you were right behind me...I didn't know that you'd tripped...I tried to save you!"

Hizuni's violet eyes narrowed. "Tried isn't good enough Kai! He...He hurt me...He hurt me in ways that you can't possibly imagine. He made me relive the destruction of the colony over and over...I couldn't stop crying...and then he told me what you had done...That you ran away when he attacked me."

"That is a lie! I...I watched you hit the ground...and then I ran at him." Kai's eyes narrowed in rage and Hizuni took a slight step back at the sight of his burning eyes. "I fought him...I hit him with everything I had and in the end I still lost. I got myself cursed."

He looked her straight in the eyes. "When I thought you were dead...I lost control. I wanted to kill make him make him hurt as much as I had. Hizuni...If I had known that you tripped I would have gotten you and escaped...but I didn't know."

Hey eyes briefly softend before hardening again. "You could have gotten me. You could have rescued me and we could have looked out for each other. let him take me."

"Don't you think I wanted to take you? At that moment...I would have given anything to get you back. Hizuni...I lived alone in the ruins of the colony for over nine years. Trust me, I had time to regret...and to try to kill myself. The only thing that kept me going was the thought of avenging you...and the colonists."

Hizuni's eyes softend again...and the bitterness didn't return this time. Kai contined to speak. "It is the duty of the elder brother to watch over the siblings that come after him. We are family Hizuni...surely you remember how we used to look out for each other. How I would find food and shelter for you...and in return you would make sure my pursuers went off in the wrong direction. I would never abandon you Hizuni...Never.

Her voice was quiet. "I-I've always held onto the device you stole for me...the New Heart. I used it...contaminated it with dark magic...I failed you Onii-san. I didn't use it like you told me to use it."

Kai went over to her and hugged her as hard as he could. "Don't think that could never fail me. You've made me so proud of you...Instead of immediatly fighting me you listened to me...and you learned the truth..I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me someday."

Hizuni smiled and wrapped her arms around Kai, all trace of bitterness and anger gone.

Kai finally let himself go and he began to weep when he felt a shudder run through the ground around him and he abruptly let go.

"He's found us. Run Hizuni. I'll handle him. I don't want to see you hurt again."

Hizuni nodded and was about to run when a whirlwind of black energy hit Kai directly in the stomach and punched directly through, leaving a large hole in his stomach and the bottom of his chest.


"H-Hizuni...Run. I'll handle this...I swear I will...Just run...Please!"

Hizuni had tears in her eyes as she turned and ran toward the outskirts of the town. Kai staggered to his feet and looked at the mage who was standing there clad in black robes.

"Hello Kai. It's been a while hasn't it?"

Kai responded by hitting the ground in pain as he reached for his pendant. This...Hurts so badly...I can barely think...
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