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Kurt Krovak did not know what it meant to relax when the time came for it. It was just mission after mission for him. If he didn't have anything to do, he would patrol. He didn't know what it was like to enjoy things, to feel things. All he knew how to do was take orders and do them flawlessly. He walked over to Komad Kaltas and saluted.

"Do you need me to do anything sir?"


Much like the Blood King, Wrath too watched the events unfold. Unlike the King though, Wrath remained hidden. He moved through the shadows and followed his mistress through the force. She might have been cloaked but Wrath could still follow her. Wrath could sense her saddness and felt slight pity for her. Perhaps it was because he was Gen'Dai. He had learned from many sources they were a peaceful and easy going race for the most part. She couldn't show weakness either or perhaps Tyrannus might get the same idea she had and try to kill her. He sliced off his own hand and watched as it twitched on the floor. The hand was able to slide through the door ever so slowly. He heard a click and the door was unlocked. With his other hand he opened the door and shut it once again. a tentacle shot out from his forearm and grabbed the hand. It pulled it back to the forearm and was attached again. The Gen'Dai turned to find Andirrul crying. The more time he spent around Andirrul, the more he saw Andorra fighting back for control. The more he saw Andorra fight back for control, the more he respected that side.

"You are stronger than this Andirrul. As the dark lord you fear ednothing and never showed weakness. Even as Andorra I did not see weakness. She was indeed quick to trust people but the people she trusted, she protected. Together you have the cold and cunning Virul side to you and the brave and trusting Andorra side to you. This makes you the ultimate leader, better than any sith lord before. Don't let the emotions control you, control the emotions."
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