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Akira stood by the deployment bay, waiting for the order to move. He figured it would be for the best if he was ready...he felt more in control when he was going to do something, or receive an order. It was the downtime that he felt he had little control over what could happen to him. He shifted nervously back and forth on his feet.

Well...first mission with the Elite....I probably should've waited before request for least I could've had more experience... He thought to himself.

He then began to think about his comrades. The new man, Wolf, had a veteran's aura about him...but it was more bitter then the zeal of the Federation's Veterans that Akira had encountered. Perhaps a tough past, which would explain him joining the Mercs. Then there was Kai, obviously powerful, and completely loyal to those he tries to protect, his attempt to kill Akira had proven that. There was also Shana, she was kind, fair, a good example for the other members...perhaps too trusting, but that isn't always a bad thing. It seemed to Akira that there was something going on with Kai and Shana, but that had yet to be confirmed.

He then thought about the officers...but he quickly shook the thoughts from his head.

I'm losing focus...I have to keep my mind in the here and now.... Akira took a breath and continued to stare out of a nearby viewport into space.

He squeezed his Pendant...and it spoke.

"Oww...really, you should find something better to do then squeeze me."

Akira jumped, "OY!'ve been quiet..."

"Well, you haven't given me much say..."

"Sorry about that..."

"No need, Akira, I'm pretty quiet anyways. Seems you've been having some problems, and you nearly committed suicide."

Akira nodded, and a sudden thought came to mind.

"Wait! You'd know what really happened, wouldn't you, New Dawn?"

"I would. Well, at least my opinion of it. First of all, you're taking yourself too seriously, and you're beating yourself up too often, I'm telepathic too you know."

Akira nodded, "True...but it's been for good reason..."

"Good reason? There is no good reason for suicide. What were you thinking? Had you no idea what the reprecussions would be? You take it too hard, and it's not even you're fault...I mean the problem wasn't."

This made sense to Akira, and he began to think deeply on the matter. Neither spoke for a long time, amybe 10 minutes.

Finally, Akira broke the silence.

"You know, you're right...I'm going to change this for the better."


"We should talk more often."

"Well, I'm always here...."

you very much
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